As the lockdown lurches on dourly and WFH remains a challenge in itself, every one of us is blessed with an opportunity to peep into the future to have a glimpse of one’s own retired life and plan ways to ensure that it pans out as desired. In one such moment of epiphany, I realized that once the rat race is out of the way, one can be equally blissed out – whether you are acting in a mobile movie produced by your five year old or analyzing some obnoxious tax litigation; whether you are reading a Gurcharan Das in a relishing solitude or spending a stoned out midnight on Alibaug beach with buddies and whether you are partaking in household chores or reminiscing youthful platonic friendships!

So this no nonsense blog is an attempt to reignite my long lost passion of reading books, penning down random thoughts and trying to stay blissed out!